Model is 99% black + texture and black outlines, Please Help!

ok so i’m not a modeler and the problems are coming form the side of the person i’ve asked/hired to convert a SFM model to gmod

as you can see from the above images something has gone BADLY wrong with the model and the modeler doesn’t know how to fix it

if someone can help and explain whats gone wrong and how to fix it i will be MASSIVELY thankful

thank you in advance

the problem according to the person is

"this is caused by textures being overlapped i might be able to fix it but a cost is a visual problem,parts of the model were completely black and still are

all the red is the black outline

the texture known as the outline overlaps the model infact,the outline is a majority of the model"

model with outline? select everything that got the outline material on it delete it or invert it and use the outline. btw… you need working backface culling for the outline.

thank you for that the modeler says he tried that and there was no change

How about smoothing the model? (proper smoothing groups) Since what i can see on your image is black shaded model… that could be caused by wrong or absent smoothing groups.

I’m not sure you fully understand how vertex normals work.
Even if it was possible to turn a model black through normal alone that still wouldn’t be the issue.

I would attribute the problem you’re having to an error on the porter’s part.

Whoever you commissioned (which in of itself is another problem given this is copyrighted content) is incompetent. They appear to have either disabled or flipped culling on the outline model.
The outline model being an unlit shell used to create this very nice and crisp outline without a dedicated shader. Like so:

ok thats interesting the thing is the model works fine and looks fine and dandy in SFM
and i didn’t commission the model i payed for the model ($60) and then planned to get it converted to GMOD

And that last part “They appear to have either disabled or flipped culling on the outline model” is there any fix/way around it?

finally since have a good knowledge on these aspects would you be interested in converting the model to GMOD?


i found someone to fix and solve the issues

so admins and the like feel free to close/remove this thread