Model is Being Stupid

Hey guys. I have been experimenting with models in other games. Lately, I have been porting Left 4 Dead models into Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. I have an SMD Importer/Exporter for the models from L4D and a DFF I/O for Gta: Sa Models so I can export the rigged models. Some of them come out really nice and are tons of fun to use. But some models, well:

If you know how to fix this, please reply!
The following list is all the things I have tried to do to fix the problem:

  1. Re-Rigged
  2. Edited all the Envelopes
  3. Tried optimizing to reduce vertex/poly count
  4. Imported… Then Re-Rigged… Then Exported… (3 times)



Come on guys. I really need help with this one.

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I also posted in GTA Forums. Guess what? No answers. There is not point in posting a topic that gets no answers so I posted this in a forum that at least gets a decent amount of views and also has somewhat of a relation to the topic/problem.

you are aware someone may have ported from GTA:SA and can help right?

I can port models from source to gta sa. On topic, rerig it

No answers? I fixed the mesh. But, when I try to spawn in Gta: Sa, it doesn’t do anything but lag badly and then crash like 10 seconds later.

I think the engine has a limit to the polycount (very fucking low if you take a look at the car models, you’ll understand).