Model Issue

It’s been a LONG time since I’ve been here. But I’ve recently got back into mapping/modeling for Source. I’m working on a ton of models, but this one has got my a bit confused. The faces are showing through others? See photo to see what I mean. What is causing this?

As you can see, the bottom faces of this window frame show through the side frame.

Flip all the faces in the model in whatever 3d editor you are using

You can put “reverse” after the SMD name to mirror all faces on that mesh, although it’s better to just mirror them in the 3D editor.

it doesn’t look like the faces are flipped at all. it looks a lot more like what happens when $translucent is used on parts of a model that are opaque

Yeah, that’s definitely Z-buffer fighting, which is the most common symptom of $translucent not having a face-inverted $alphatest counter.

I’m assuming this window has a glass pane.

If so, split the window’s frame onto a separate material. Make sure the frame’s material does not have $translucent on it.

AH! You are correct. I had $translucent string in the QC file. Cheers guys.