Model lighting Issue

I am having this issue where if I rotated the model in 3DS Max, it will end up messing up the model lighting when compiled to source. I am not too sure how to approach this issue, but if anyone could give some pointers, that will be very helpful.

In 3DS Max:






that after.gif is after ‘center view’? the light is reset? or that’d mean the normals are twisted. does 3dsmax have a function to recalculate them? if so… use it.

Weird, the normals in 3DS Max seem to look fine when I rotated and moved the model in Max.

Both gifs start from center view if you are wondering.

Did you check if you have any wrong light warp or normal/bump map, anything ?

If you still have both models you could compare them side by side in 3ds max and see if the normals are different somehow.

The lightwarp I used for this model is the same for both models and for all of the models I have done so far and there isn’t any normal/bump maps for these models IIRC.

Checked out the normals. I didn’t see any abnormalities from what I observed.

Is it messed up in-game as well ? I remember having some issues with HLMV but it ended up being good in-game.

When I checked it out before making this thread, it was messed up in the game as well.

Bumping this thread because I am still unable to find a solution.

So, anyone able to help me on solving this issue? Because I wasn’t able to find a solution to this issue.