Model lightning issues after changing light_environtment help needed

i decompiled a dod map and got everything working models, textures. etc. i compiled it and everything looked as it should. i then added a day night system which required me to change the light_environment, and then alot of the models are were not receiving light properly, and were pretty much black. i then managed to fix it some how but some of the models still seem to appear way too dark and it now only seems to happen in the shadows. i think it happens to both models that isnt inside of brushes and some brushes that are. which haven’t got an info_lightning assigned to em. however that would be strange since it works properly before i changed the light_environment. also theres also other info_lighting entities assigned to other models by default, so that leaves me to believe that might not be the issue. Im not completely sure but it might have happened when i changed the skybox. Any help much appreciated.

If a light is named props don’t update afaik.

So i there no way to counter act this? would a huge light in the sky acting as a skylight work? kinda like how u light up scenes in sfm. or would it be too laggy.

I don’t think there’s a way to fix this. Vrad simply doesn’t do this.