model looks like sumin out of starfox

when i export the model and exit right before i exit it turns like poloygon like not smooth if u know what i mean and then i add it to gmod and its still poloygon like what am i doin wrong

p.s im doin headhacks
and using trail version of 3ds max 10

By any chance does it look like this? (the head I mean)


Though a screenshot of what yours looks like would be alot more useful.

I think he means the bump maps are gone.

He means the smoothing is broken.

He means somehow his model turned into an arwing:


Oh right, you need to make sure it actually has smoothing groups applied, someone had this problem ages ago if I remember correctly, they hadn’t applied them right or something.

please could u tell me how to do it please? thanks

I wish I knew for 3Dmax, but I don’t (as I haven’t used it), all I know is there should be a button somewhere to smooth it and you must select all first before you do it to ensure all the parts are smoothed, tbh it should then have applied them correctly, i’m not sure why they would disappear after exporting.

However the other day i was helping someone out with a model and they were having the same issue of it loosing smoothing after export, but we couldn’t figure out a way to stop it doing it :S We’re pretty sure theres something up with the SMD export script for 3Dmax (or at least with the newer versions) as it wasn’t just loosing smoothing but rigging also.




I’ve got proof if thats what you mean.

well that sucks but thanks for replying


oh right

I like how nobody got Sonic Fan’s reference even though it’s like 4 posts above his.

sonic fan?

Oh :stuck_out_tongue: I’m too used to people saying stuff like that at me :confused: (Thanks for pointing that out ^^)

@Sonic Fan: Sorry for the misunderstanding ^^;