Model Manipulator Version 1

Allows you to change any props model to any other. You can also change your own model.
And here’s a movie:

Have fun.

Yes! It’s back! Good job :wink:

Nice work man, installing it on my server now :smiley:

I want Morph script. :crying:

Well done on recovering your awesome at lua status LPine.

Simplest script, also been done before

I agree that script from gmod 9 was god

Wasn’t saying that this was particularly good scripting. I just noticed that LPine’s icon had changed back from “LPine is disagreed with a lot” to “LPine is awesome at lua”

This is what you are looking for :slight_smile:

You never put any licence on it, so I can use it as I wish.



There is NO mention of ANY Licence in the toggleable hoverball Thread so stop complaining, its only 6 lines of code.


I cannot find the word “license”. Can you?

Then it’s not licenced. End of story and stop flaming.

This forum does NOT want to be clogged up with arguements

I agree sorry for the lengthly post I’ll tidy it up.

Hey, LPine, You stole his shit, Now add him in your fucking credits.

You are flaming and my modification does work. You must aim at a prop to activate the reload function, do not ask me why I am as mystified as you.

That’s all you had to do.

I did not “steal” his shit, the scripts on the forum are free to be used as you wish as long as a licence is not presented and he did not even say the word license in his thread.


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If I was you I would have asked Conna before using his functions in your code. It’s common sense. If you’re too damn stubborn to include him in your credits, Then you fail at everything.

I do not fail at spelling.


I did not copy that segment from you so stop bitching.