Model Material Not Working, 3DS MAX 2016 - GMod

Hey I’m having a problem with a model and can’t figure out why the material textures are not appearing on it in Garry’s Mod. I used 3DS MAX to import the file (a .obj), added a skeleton to it, and the Wall Worm tool to export it. I just wanted to see if it would work in the game so far and its appears grey. I was told that it must be loading something otherwise it would be the pink and black checkered texture. Any clues as to what is going wrong?

Can post the other files too if needed

Attached a pic:

That generally occurs when your material doesn’t have a valid bitmap OR you are not using a material that Wall Worm knows how to export. In those cases, the diffuse color is what gets written into the VMT. The only valid material for models is a Standard Material (or a Multi/Sub-Object material, Shell Material or DirectX Shader… but even for those it dives down to the sub-material that still needs to be a Standard Material). This means that it fails with Arch and Design materials.

This video does not include all the latest tools but explains the main gist of materials in Max with WW.

And if you have WW Pro, this video will help:

A little more on WW Pro textures here.

There are also many threads on material/texture exporting on the WW forums.

Haha, I JUST had this same issue yesterday and was able to figure it out after I found that first video which Wallworm posted and another one on their site (thanks for everything wallworm!)

I had an issue with everything and it started with my WW settings. I had my materialssrc pointing to my mod file when it should have been the sourcesdk materialsrc folder and the same for modelssrc. The other issues are covered in the 1st video above but they were to rename my texture bitmap and then use the WW model tool to change the output of the models/textures. Hopefully that’ll help you find your own issue quicker.

I actually have the same problem but in Maya, does anyone know fix it?im using the MESA exporter