Model missing from addon, or addon set up wrong?

Hi, I was reccomended to ask Facepunch for help with my issue by a friend, and I’m honestly not sure if this belongs in modelling or in this board, so please forgive me if I made a mistake.

My issue has to do with making an NPC from a player model, and it appears that I’ve been able to do just that. In my game when I test the animations for the model in question they appear to fit over a NPC using the model manipulation tool found on the workshop, but when I tried to code the NPC myself the model appeared as an error rather than the model I tried to make. In addition when I uploaded my addon to my local dedicated server (using steamcmd) the server console reports that the model is missing but if I spawn the ragdoll I can see it and interact with it. Has anyone else had an issue like this, and if so can you tell me how you fixed it? Thanks in advance.

I don’t know how to fix your issue, but how is the model defined in the NPC’s code?

Not sure what you mean by that but I actually fixed my issue myself. I was looking at the error code a bit more closely and saw that it was pointing to the wrong directory. I had the models located in the wrong folder haha. Everything is fixed now, but thanks for your input.