Model missing: models/cube.mdl

Now after compiling and creating a texture I get this error in console

Model missing: models/cube.mdl


$modelname	"cube.mdl"

$scale 1

$body 1 "cube.smd"
$model "cube" "cube.smd"

$surfaceprop	"metal"
$cdmaterials	"cube\"

$sequence idle	"anims\cube_idle.smd" fps 1

$collisionmodel	"cube_phys.smd" {
	$inertia 1
	$damping 0
	$rotdamping 0


	"basetexture" "cube\cube"
	"surfaceprop" "metal"

Its probably best if you keep it all in one thread instead of a new thread for each question so everyone has all the information.

On another note, can you make sure that the model (all of the files, not just the MDL file) files are present in the models directory of the game you are running

I just created another thread as I am worried to get banned for asking a different question in the thread that has it’s own topic, and well I didn’t knew what you meant so I made some screenshots of where the files are at,

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sorry I sended accidently two same links, here’s another one

You are trying to spawn models/cube.mdl but in your picture its models/cube/cube.mdl

Wierd… but when I try to copy clipboard (from gmod) it’s models/cube/cube.mdl

Can you open up the developer console in game and enter the following command (in sandbox):

gm_spawn "models/cube/cube.mdl"

If your model spawns, then everything is good, you just had the wrong filepath before. If your model doesn’t spawn and there is no error, and after clicking around a bit you figure out that it’s invisible, then the materials either in the model source or the materials path in the QC file is wrong. If it doesn’t spawn and it errors, and then come back with the error.

Model missing: models/cube.mdl
Requesting texture value from var "$basetexture" which is not a texture value (material: pp/copy)

Can you post the model and vtf/vmt here?


    $basetexture "cube\cube"
    $surfaceprop "metal"

You need to add “$” before using any VMT commands. Also you should of included the model like code_gs said to do, so we can identify the problem for you.

	$basetexture "cube\cube"
	$surfaceprop "metal"

Still missing texture…

And I don’t see him anywhere here saying something that he wants a model… but still here is a link for materials and model

EDIT: I read his post wrong sry my bad

You didn’t change the name of the material in the cube.smd. If you change it from “Material” to “cube”, then recompile it should work for you.

in the tutorial there wasn’t anything about changing .smd file. And I don’t know where to change it while compiling in the blender.

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Yay! It works… kinda, the texture is messed up,

And another error… the physics box doesn’t work…

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It’s a cube (phys model)

bumpy car


if I understand correctly - you’re trying to make a hollow cube/box where you can place things inside of it?

If that’s the case - you will also need to make collision model for it.
Source can only generate convex collision models, for concave models - you need to make it yourself.

Phys model needs to be created from convex objects.
So for a box with one side open - you need 5 rectangular elements.

So separating the box to elements should work?

And do I need to separate the physics box or all the… boxes?
Because I just modeled the box from the cube using faces and edges.

I made this image a while ago:

It shows how collision models should be made (or how I make them).

Had this thread which also shows how to make collision models, although its 3ds max and probably outdated now.