- Model Movement -

Hello, Im just wondering on all of the garrys mod videos you see such as team fortress ones they seem to be able to move their limbs and arms without the physics gun so there is no blue line. I am hoping to make a few myself and I am wondering how to do this? I know its not seperate images as it is smooth, unless tehy are realy patient I suppose. Also how do they make there arms flap around like they are in an explosion?

HAT editor

Are you sure? I men’t the realy bad video’s, such as ‘scout and heavy are bird’s’ Etc, im sure they do not use that.

Invisible thrusters on arms and legs I would assume

stop motion is the way to look cool :wink:

That solves one problem, now how to you make there arms move without the physics gun?.

You can go into the spawn menu and press “options”. Then “hiding”. In there you should find “hide physgun beams”.

Got it. Thanks.