Model not decompiling?

Hey guys,

Thanks for the help on the last help subject. I got the item to work and everything is peachy keen.

The new problem I’m having is Cannon Fodder’s MDL decompiler being unable to load models and decompile them. It states an error “Unable to load model”

I have the model and everything else that’s required for a decompile.

Any help?

Did you open the mdl in a hex editor and change IDST0 to IDST, ?

Try what Snood said and if that doesn’t work try using StudioCompiler, then if that doesn’t work, your unlucky because you’ve found one of those irritating models that just wont decompile ¬.¬

I did try that. Now the mdl decompiler crashes half-way through the process.

I’m following the steps on how do do this on a FPS banana tutorial