model of doors.

I made a cool model of doors.
Basically a door.
Will I be able in hammer editor to use it as door?
By the way model has hinges attached to door as well.
So far the only way I thought to use it is using func rotate and attach door to it.
But maybe you have better ideas?

Other version.

I made a fucking door model.
Will I be able to use it?

I think I speak for most people when I say: “Wut?”
What the hell are you talking about? Are you trying to make a custom door model?

Why do you talk like this?
All the time.
It’s really annoying.
And it makes your post hard to read.

He made a door model, it has hinges. You could use a func_door_rotating. If it’s animated, just make it a func_door_rotating and make the door trigger the animation.

Wouldn’t a prop_door_rotating work? Or is that only with certain models?

Could do, and with his custom model, he could just use the textures and add it to the door as another skin. Dunno how to do that though.

1.Put the door model in place
2. brush in an invisible func_door_rotating around it.
3. Parent the door to the func_door_rotating.
4. configure the func_door_rotating
5. compile

That works I guess.