Model of Meee

I need a model of me done for gmod, as a player model/skin for upcoming movies.
If your interested please contact me at this email address:
Or Steam id: iamthebubb
Thank you for your time.

Hell no, no one will make it. Well someone will only for some quite nice pay, since we are mostly talking here about competely starting from scratch.

I know a guy who was making models for Metro 2033 game, he works in KoreybaArts. The company was paid 1’000 euros for each metro 2033 model. Each model is highly detailed. I was talking with the guy one day on skype. And he told me prices. High poly head only will cost about 500-600 euros. With body almost 1000 euros. They also offer rigging and other stuff like that. So I suggest you either go to them stright away or offer pay here on facepunch to someone for your request.

Well im mainly just looking for somthing original, doesnt have to be me.
Any new model would do.

Yeah, a newbie asking for a new model?

Not going to happen at all; especially with that attitude.
A hack? Possibly, but the probability is so low you may as well quit asking now.

That’s fine, and what attitude?

Post a rotoscope pic of yourself in T-pose, and maybe someone will do it.[IMG]file:///C:/Users/Justin/AppData/Local/Temp/moz-screenshot-5.png

like dis

lol turbosquid is the place and high poly amazing models are not as high priced as that retard said