Model or Skin Request: Aria T'Loak

Hello modelers.

Look at your asari

Now back to me.

Now back to your asari

Now back to me.

Sadly that isn’t me, but if you work on an Aria skin she could look like she’s me.

Look down

Now back up

Where are you?

You’re at Afterlife with the asari your asari could look like

What’s in your hand

Back at me

I have it, it’s serrice ice brandy and that doctor you love

Look again: the Chakwas is now strippers. Anything is possible when your model looks like Aria and not a random Asari civilian

I’m on a couch.


What? Thank you!

For some reason it’s not letting me search. I totally missed that.

So is it a model or skin request?

Which one?


And what about the sexiest of them all, Morinth???

Ahaha,that’s brilliant!

This is why we need the old thread system back. Allers and Aria were still on the first page then, and now they’re buried in all the requests and WIPs.