Model overflow

I get disconnected when I try to run my map, it says model overflow but I do not have alot models in my map. What I do have is alot of triggers and if I remove some of them I can run the map. Is there any way that I can be able to run the map with all the triggers still there? I have had other maps with more triggers running just fine, this map is smaller and more compact though. I tried fixing it with func_areaportals but I cant get it working.


Mind posting the full compile log?

I think I solved it myself. It was a stupid mistake, I had some trigger_hurt (alot) with identical values instead of selecting them all into a mega trigger_hurt. Its a surf map and there were alot of trigger_hurt along the way. :slight_smile: Reminds me of another time when I hit the limit of func_details!

Thanks anyway for the reply!