Model Parenting and Removing on z

Hi all my friend and i have been trying to get our little addon working and only have a couple of issues we are still very new at lua coding and we cant find anything online

so our issue is the entity is made of 4 models we are able to have them spawn as a whole but once they get unfrozen they start flipping out so is there any way to fix that by parenting the models together

our second issue is when you undo it with z only the base model goes away so is there any kind of fix for these

any help is appreciated


It all depends on what you’re trying to do. You can do anything from parenting, bone-merging, welding, etc… What is the parent and what are the children?

THe base model is the floor and its children are the walls other details and a center console im making a doctor who interior and it had so much detail it could not go into just one model so we broke it up and now we are trying to have it spawn in as a whole entity so floor walls console and buttons is that even possible as i said not experienced in coding

Parenting will make children non solid, so your only options is to use either weld or physicsinitmulticonvex for physbox and parenting for visuals.

How would i go about welding it?

does the models need to have a specified bone on each model

Nope, just position them, weld and finish spawning.