Model problem

Hi Facepunch.

I’ m using the Juggernaut model from J.I Defense solution but i have a problem using it…

I dont know if any one could help me fixing it , but it would be realy kind

Its not the first time i have this problem with gmod caracter but i think its due to ragdoll convertion in PM…

Is the model on the Valve biped?

If that’s a roleplay gamemode then you most likely want a model with NPC animations as opposed to player animations assuming it’s on the proper skeleton as asked above.

The model is from J.I Defense Solution, i dont know anythink about modeling, so if you want to test it by you own , here it is :

Yup, those are ragdolls. They don’t have the proper animations, and the bones aren’t on the Valve Biped.

Decompile the model, add this “$includemodel m_anm.mdl” ( No quotations )
Recompile it and it should be fixed.

aka that shit wont work and you need to have someone rig it to the valvebiped skeleton

I can try this weekend if OP wants

lemme know if you give up, i’ll do it

Sorry, forgot that he mentioned that