Model Problem...

Hi, Im having a problem with A model i don’t know what is wrong with it but there is no eyes on it, the eyes are like All blue it might be Missing textures or something but i don’t know.

I just spawned my model and now it’s like this.?

Is it on every map or just the one your using(I assume every one at the personal skins thread only uses cs_office). Also, can I see the facemap?

Yeah it happens on every map.

I believe it would be the grn(Something like that) pupils. Try changing or removing those and I’ll look into more while you do that.

Alright I’ll try it bro.

so did it work?

No it did not i removed the File and it Didn’t work, The eye’s were the same as before
I tried recreating the file Then i reinstalled it But no good.

Okay let me try again.

okay did you edit the facemap at all? Also, I would suggest trying what I did before only doing it with everything involving eyes. And if those don’t work, try looking at your settings in gmod. And if all else fails, re edit it. Could have been something with transparency.

Take your time, I’ll relook over all of the Files and such see if i can find the problem.