Model problems,Bugs,Exploits,Missing features and problems from the new update|Please read dev

Well i know its not bug or exploits forum, but nobody reads those forums, so please don’t ban me, i just want to have more chance that a dev will see that

Missing world models
1.Stone hatchet and Pickaxe look like hatchet in your hand.
2.Mp5a4, Shotgun and bolt sniper looks like some kind of automatic gun. (i guess m4)
3.Revolver, p250, 9mm looks like some pistol. (some say it’s a cz 75)
4.The model of the supply signal dosen’t look like the item icon. (not only world model, also in first person)

Model and animation problems
5.Pipe shotgun reload a bullet that looks like shotgun bullet and not like homemade bullet
6.White trees at night (Nvidia)
7.When reloading with shotgun it will reload 3 bullet, doesn’t matter how much bullet you got left and how much you need to reload
8.When reloading with bolt sniper, it will reload 3 bullets doesn’t matter how much bullet you got left and how much you need to reload
9.In the pipe shotgun animation there is no shell ejecting
10.You have black gloves when holding some guns
11.Armors don’t match the colors on their item icon
12.When killing a player, you see other rag-doll then other people see (be on call with someone after you killed someone, and start shooting the rag doll, after a while you won’t see the same rag-doll)
13.You can see breaking particles at full darkness

14.Animals get stuck on resources
15.Aggressive animals can attack you through walls, doors and barricades
16.If you have no place on your inventory (for other kinds of items) but you have unfinished stuck of something and you want to pick up item of the same kind, you can’t For example:
17.My inventory is full, and i have 33 9mm ammo, i want to pick up more 9mm ammo from the floor but i can’t, only after dropping other item will allow me to pick it up
18.If your inventory is full, and you hit wood pile with pick and don’t get any wood (20 wood), then giving enough place for the wood and hitting it again, you’ll get 40 on one hit, Same with hatchet, stone hatchet and rock, it does work with more then one hit while
having a full inventory (two hits with pick while full=60 on one hit when not full)
19.You can jump super high by opening a wooden gate and running into it
20.If spawn a car and get inside, there is no way to get out (without suicide or logging out), i know its not even supposed to be in-game but it should be fixed
21.Example for bug: you have 10 empty slots on your inventory, you have enough items to craft 20 hatchets, you craft 20 20 and wait the time, when the time is over you get 10 hatchet and all of the items the crafting required are gone, you just lost half more supplies then you should have lose
22.You can place stairs at a place with ramp

23.You can place barricade and wood shelter inside someone’s from outside, can be used to blocked players. (most of times with shelter on your door)
24.You can place small stash inside some trees. (allow you to hide small stashes very good)
25.If you get close to some trees you can see what behind them. (can be used as advantage in a battle and also protect you from bullets)
26.You can use reload exploit by reloading then placing the item in the inventory then quickly placing it back in your hot-bar.
27.You can place metal\wooden ramp even if there is pillar in the middle of a foundation
28.if you hit a tree until there is no wood left, then someone else hits it, he can get wood.
29.You can be avoided from melee attacks by throwing stuff quickly
30.You fixed chests going out of walls, but not furnaces (this allows to get stuff out of your house while your’e house is blocked
31.You can place barricade on the sides of a pillar (even when the barricade doesn’t touch the floor)

32.You can place foundation over a bed, then nobody will be able to destroy your bed but you’ll be able to keep spawning on the foundation
33.From one side of stairs, you can break them from outside (if they are covered with walls and celling)
34.You can create infinite camp fires with only 5 wood by taking the wood inside after placing
35.Climbing on rocks\wood pile will allow you to avoid melee attacks from animals (not zombies)
36.You can place infinite ramps at the same spot (used to block players on their houses)
37.Hiding inside bear won’t allow enemies to shoot you till the bear disappear
**38.If someone places ramp on you, you can shoot outside but not get shoot/B]

Missing features
39.When someone hits your sleeping NPC without killing you, then you log in, you still have 100HP.
40.When eating uncooked stuff, nobody hear your puke sound
41.You can’t head-shot sleeping bodies
42.If you are inside a gui (inventory), and rolling the scroll button down (for viewing crafting stuff) while having a building part on your hot-bar slot, it will rotate your building part (missing feature is disallowing this to happen)
**43.Writing V in the chat will toggle on talking (missing feature is disallowing this to happen) **
44.If your furnace is full and ignited and it still contains ores, the ores will slowly disappear and you won’t be able to get nothing

Just weird things
45.If you open a chest, you see for a second 9mm bullets on every slot
46.You can light furnace with low grade fuel,** but it disappear faster then wood**,
47.Low grade fuel works on furnace, but not on campfire
48.If you have space in the two places on your inventory (1 and 2) and you log out then log in, you will get rock and 2 bandages
49.Window with metal bars takes more c4 then wall
50.Throwing grenade on air-drop will rotate it and ignore the normal gravity
51.You still have the cold status effect near furnace

New Bugs from the two last updates
52.You said that research kits can now have random number of uses, but you can only find them with one use (you can craft them with more then 1 use)
53.Because spike walls decay so fast, sometimes you can’t repair them because of the new cool down
54.Friendly animals now run when there are shooting sounds around or hostile animals, but rabbits and chickens don’t.

Flare bugs and problems
56.If you open a flare without throwing it, then place it back in inventory then back in your hand it will be closed
57.Flare light last forever (if not thrown)
58.If you open a flare, nobody see it’s light
59. This one

New bugs and exploits world problems and model problems
60.Getting inside rocks+undestroyble beds

61.Spikes can damage you through the floor

62.Getting inside a shelter while beging chased by wolfs\wolfs (mutants) will kill part of them instantly (or all of them)
63.If you don’t look on a player legs his animations will stop
64.If you die at a place a people talk you’ll hear them
and works on chat (
for new line, for “tab”)
66.There is tree inside the hangar
67.You can’t press on “players” to see which server have the most players while on “history” mode
68.Sometimes the weapon crate spawns empty
69.You can research research-kit only if you hold down shift
70.You can get spawned on trees
71.Bows don’t have description
72.You can use workbench to craft workbench required items and craft faster through walls
73.You can place chests over small stash and place stuff, if raider forget to destroy your chests, you could destroy them and take the stuff
74.Using E on a door and when you see “Enter code” and you don’t do anything while your’e in that, no one can close the door
75.This one
Critical bugs are bold

All of those been tested by me more then one time, also i got 450± on rust, so…

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one point to add:

The new designed part (where the fuel tanks are on a field with strong radiation) in the middle there is a rock and all mutated animals spawn on it but cant leave the rock.

A couple of points

With the just weird things
46. That’s to stop hackers.
47. I’m not sure, doesn’t it do them in a larger bulk thank wood or something?
48. The Rock coming back was a feature in previous updates, this one however the bandages is a new addition, if the rock was intended, maybe they just decided to add bandages to the list of ‘Things added to inventory when on relog’

46, its to stop hackers, but why not invisible items or something?
47, I don’t have any idea what are you saying lol

Thanks for the list, I hope this will help the developers locate some issues they didn’t find.

I can confirm some of the bugs shown, hopefully will be fixed asap.

Has anyone else encountered this weird suicide glitch while mining rocks? It seems to me if I use a pickaxe and aim straight down on the rocks as they break apart with mining, I somehow hit myself in the foot and instakill myself… I just suddenly fall down dead without seeing any damage signs and it says “You killed yourself”. So far it has happened 3 times on rocks and only with picks. Using a hatchet or doing wood doesn’t replicate the problem.

Not really a huge issue, but with the new update it’s kind of hard to mine without moving around etc as the resources change shape.

Yeah i heard about it, but it never happen to me, so…i’ll playing and see if it happens

Nice summary of things that are not diong that well
Devs will be working on it i think

Yes. It has happened to me once so far, however, I did not die. I injured myself to the point of bleeding, but I was able to bandage before actually bleeding out.

Colored name does not work anymore, please don’t post shit that has been patched already

Shit that has been patched already?
I played today and saw people with that, also one of my friends
so don’t write bullshit in this vein

well it doesn’t work the way you described. if you see colored names now they are hackers and not just changing their names

I’m not going to argue…I have friend with this trick, I can see his name on steam with the color tag…he is also not hacker

try it yourself. you’ll see it doesn’t work

I will, tomorrow
I added one more exploit and a new video on the “new stuff”

Bump+Added few more things

Awesome topic mate. I’m quite sure devs will check this out soon. How about recording or explaining each of those bugs and exploits ? I know some of those and i can record and explain how they works and how to reproduce.

I will do it (for some of them, because its 70 things)

Bump :slight_smile: Critical bugs are bold now

Wauw I’m short on leather, and got lots of cloth! I never knew about the furnace! I’m gonna burn me some cloth, woohoo!