Model Problems

I have been trying to get custom models to work on my server. They download fine, and the model is there but the texture is always a checkerboard. Anyway to fix this?

You only have to send the .vmt files.

what about the .mdl files

If you see the pink black checkerboard, it means only the texture is missing. If you see a big red error sign, it means the model is missing, and the texture might be missing as well.

no the model is there, and its not completely a pink and black checkerboard its really weird. I have a golden gun on my server and you can see the gold on it, but it has a pink checker board aura or something on top of it.

You need to do resource.AddFile to ALL of the required parts.

If you made it yourself you may not have built it right.

i did it for all the VMT’s and all the .mdl files

The file .vmt means Valve Material File, it includes all infomation about the model/texture or whatever your using it for. That means, it will download the models files aswell because the .vmt is in need of that model for it to function properly.

This “aura” you say is probably a missing shader (does it look like a reflection of pink and black checkerboards?)