Model Rating System

VRChat has a model rating system that rates them based on a multitude of factors, telling you in detail each one of them and how close, or far you are from hitting each of those limits, and if you hit the limit on too many of them the model will be blocked for everyone, forcing you to optimize your model.

It would be interesting to see a system like this implemented in S&Box although more lenient, for the sake of giving 3D designers a pointer on how an ideal model would be in terms of optimization, and to allow for better optimized content posted in the Workshop (or wherever website Facepunch decides to host the workshop in). In Garry’s Mod there is no system like this, but it works because of the limits of the engine, since the compiler has a hard limit on how many vertices you can have in a model (Around 30.000 or so). But since this is a modern engine, the limit must be way higher, so heavily unoptimized models can be imported into the game, impacting weaker machines. That’s why i see a system like this being important in S&Box for the sake of having quality control.

While this doesn’t mean the Workshop won’t be filled with unoptimized models since some may just ignore it completely, it’s a step in the right direction and it will help 3D designers (like me) have a clear bar of quality to aim for.

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solution is pretty simple if it’s unoptimized just dont use it


In my opinion, this sounds like a terrible idea. This means that developers would be limited to how much detail they can put into their models. On top of that, any huge structures that are under one model would be limited which then would force developers to have to find ways to bypass this limitation. This would make this limitation pointless. Optimizations like this should be up to developers.

Since one of your points is that it will help you as a 3D Modeller, that limit should be set by yourself only. It would be very unfair to have that limit for everyone else when some people who make models love to add a lot of details or when their model is huge.


This isn’t a VRChat. You will not be uploading an avatar a player model that you use in all gamemodes.
If someone makes a laggy player model - nobody will use it in their gamemodes and that’s it, we don’t need more unnecessary limitations.

And even if someone makes an addon that allows you to upload your own model (let’s say from workshop) to their gamemode on runtime - I’m sure they will be able to make their own limits and control them as they wish.

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You’re right, i thought of this game more as VRChat than Garry’s Mod, my bad.

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Don’t think it’s necessary to be so critical of @Haggets idea without some background consideration for this game as a gmod successor, with it’s whole premise based around player customization, modding, etc.

This actually could be a great idea, perhaps to have a model upload system that provides ratings for all sorts of things, whether the model is a prop, rigged model, etc.

In Garry’s Mod, PAC was extremely popular as an addon across all game modes. It served to allow full customization of player models using web based model/texture hosting. So in short, it basically provided an experience similar to VrChat in Garry’s Mod and was extremely popular.
So it really isn’t fair to say that S&box won’t have any experiences similar to VrChat, or that “This isn’t a VRChat.” because it really will likely be exactly that for many game modes.

PAC has over 700,000 current subscribers, and has been active since before 2012. It’s popularity confirms that player model customization is an important feature to Garry’s Mod players. We WILL see similar either via an addon or in base game support.

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S&box does not come with a playermodel selector, so these concerns would most likely be done by an avatar addon. Players are just controllers linked to entities, and we can change what those entities are at will. I assume that whoever makes a unified avatar system will have optimisation requirements in mind and can set those up whenever.

(On a similar note; we have dynamic mesh creation, so you can legitimately remake a full character creation menu like in MMO’s and RPG games like fallout. We are not limited to only using external tools for avatar creation)


Read again:


Correct me if I’m wrong but I’m pretty sure there is a form of a playermodel selector in the menu of s&box. I think the plan for it is that people can edit their personal terry with outfits and such and gamemodes can decide whether to use that or a custom model.

If this were to exist, then it sounds like the models aren’t actually custom but only made for adding to your character. Which would mean that there still wouldn’t be a reason for a model rating system.

Unless community items are allowed for customization. But, I don’t know if that would warrant such a system.