Model re texture and such

Ok so I know nothing about Texturing in MAYA or 3DS MAX. But I’d like to re texure or re do some of the speculars on some guns.
So I’m new to this stuff. How do I get this

to look like this:

I mentioned this before in a thread and somebody said to change up the alpha’s or something.
can someone tell me what Alpha’s, Normal’s, Diffuse’s and all that stuff is?
Tuts and detailed explanations are greatly appreciated!
again, I’m new to this (I plan to take a Modelling and Animations course in the summer)
so thanks!

Alpha - I cant remember…
Normal’s - Bump Mapping (Gives Texture Detail)
Diffuse - Base Texture (Gives Texture color)

I’d like a tut or a complete explanation :P.
I just want to go about changing shading and stuff

Well, I’d make one. but I cant. ive got some stuff I need to work on right now.

I’m not only asking you I’m asking all of the modelling forum. but sure, take your time :stuck_out_tongue:

Here’s the best I can explain it then:

Alpha: This is just an additional monochrome channel in most image files which can be used for certain features. In source it can be used for transparency, illumination, speculars, and so on. Other channels are red, green, and blue.

Normal map / Bumpmap: This channel is typically a strange blue looking texture. The channels in this mask tell the engine what way to warp the lighting. Essentially this is used to bend the lighting on a flat surface to create shadows and such which make it look a little more 3d. This is most of what makes a flat brick wall look a little more 3d.

Diffuse (also known as albedo in source): This is just the standard color map for a material. It’s responsible for handling how a character will look before all the fancy shaders are added (hair color, skin color, details, dirt, etc).

Specular: Though this wasn’t listed, you’ll probably want this too. A specular mask controls the shine on an object – where it should be shiny and by how much to an extent. In source, the specular map is usually located in the alpha channel for a normal map.

The angle on the gun isn’t all too helpful but I can see some ugly pixels showing up in either the specular mask or normal map. You can recreate the masks in a quick program like crazybump but the result probably won’t be as good as the masks baked from the original high poly model. Your best bet is probably to figure out which mask has those nasty pixels so you can smooth it out a bit. From there, you can probably just mess around with the values in the material. Keep in mind, the images you showed are both from different games – the engines used to produce both of those renders are different, so the result will never be completely identical.

They are both different games indeed however there is a swep on the workshop that looks like this:

I want to recreate this BO styled shading and apply it to the AK above, as well as apply it to something like this:

How can I achieve this. I want to re do the shading to make it look realistic.
Also is it possible to change the rendering in Source? like make an addon that changes that?

have you tried using vtf edit ? with that, you can like save the vtf in any kind of format. like one can be for or for photoshop. ill try to make pictures for the steps.

I have VTF Edit, I just don’t know how to fully use it…

Are those models from the same place? It looks like the cause of the first image’s low quality could be due to texture size and texture pixelation.

Which images are you referring to exactly?

Is there a way to apply those shaders and or change how they look and get them to look EXACTLY like Bo1?

And like I mentioned earlier, is it possible to change renders or create an addon that changes renders for source?

Probably not. Source hasn’t really refined too much on shaders (or at least compared to Minecraft). Doing it would probably require some relatively extensive reworking – shaders aren’t always just there for fancy effects but they’re also tied into materials and such.

CS:GO and Dota improved on shaders a bit already. I’d still like to try to convince Garry to update Source for Garry’s Mod at some point when he’s finally not dedicated strictly to Rust. If so, that may improve a bit on shaders for you. It won’t make it look like Call of Duty, but it should give you something similar to the shading you want.

You should be fine if you just improve the overall material. Like I said, it looks primarily like your “issue” is that the masks being used are small and pixelated, and/or that the material could use some value tweaks.

You can’t make them exactly like BO, you need to darken the texture and that’s it. Overdo the shaders, and you will only add more salt to the injury.

How do I tweak it and change values and stuff to make it look better? Preferably like the first Galil pic?
Like I said I’m new to this.

And do convince Garry to change the shaders, they’re pretty old.

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How do I do all this? I’m new :stuck_out_tongue: