Model Recompile Request - AK48

Curious if anyone would be kind enough to decompile the AK with the drum mag and forward grip in this pack and recompile it as a world model

(hurray for 5 second blurring(not literally 5 seconds but you get the idea))

Thanks very much if anyone is willing to do this

If that’s 5 second blurring…

Er. Anyways. If you can get a model, I can probably fix it up for use in GMOD. I’m not even gonna try modeling it from scratch though; I’ll DEFINITELY bollocks that up.

Its already modeled as a v_model… what im asking is for someone ot make it a w_model :v:

The model for it is in the link :v:

I knew that :downs:

Then I’m confused about your last post :v:


That’s called sarcasm ><

I didn’t notice that until you pointed it out. :haw:

Knew that of course

:v: I actually considered putting it separate

Anyone willing to attempt this…?