model repair/improvement request

hello, i have an old garrys mod model pack, and one of the models is broken, in that her eyes are missing. i was wondering if someone could take this model and repair it, or add another head onto it, perhaps preform a headhack. p.s i am new to posting things, so i don’t know where to post or upload the models to get them to other people, as it is pretty old and the original download locations for it are gone. and i don’t know who made them. i guess i could use sendspace? here is a picture of the model—

Throw it up on

I’m pretty sure I know whats up

i uploaded the ZIP. file. here is the link--!ARx33Y4K!XEmWyEhQvcs_12xJfrOp0kVpapQc0W2-PdtfTDZN0bM

i hope i did that right.

Could always contact the person in the readme or the garrysmod download who made the pack in the first place. (I’d assume that would be me.) Can take at my sources and see what’s up with the eyes in the first place.

well the pack is in the link above, i have no skill in terms of model repair, all i know how to do is reskin things, and that wont help with repair or head hacks. however, it seems ManicB knows what the problem is, he told me where to upload it.

I found two things wrong within the vmt.
The shader may not work correctly, I’m not sure though, ive never encountered these commands

	// These effects are only available in ps.2.0b and later
	"$RaytraceSphere" "1"				// Default 1 - Enables raytracing in the pixel shader to make 

the eyeball look round
	"$SphereTexkillCombo" "0"			// Default 1 - Enables killing pixels that don't ray-intersect 

the sphere

And the VTF files for the eyeballs were missing (the whole folder actually), I’ve added the default eye textures to fix it up, but i have no way of seeing if it works because it seems i’m missing some content that you have
Ill upload it and send you the link soon, no guarantees it will work though :confused:

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Once again, not totally sure this is gonna work

im going to try it and get back to you

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i have no idea how to prefom a head hack though…but there are so many ways i could use it if i figured it out. any tutorials around?

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ok i have tested it, it still looks the same, still missing eyes. hmm… i am trying to think of why the vmt is not registering here…i think the only solution is a head hack…because the armor and body are high quality, and ruined by the head…concur?

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i found male templars, and they have helmets. maybe that is a solution as well?

The eyeballs use enhanced citizen heads at 90% I’d assume. Would need to check, but I make them reference them almost always.

And if they don’t, they tedn to use the better EP2 eyeballs which are usuaully included with enhanced citizens.