Model Request (Anime)

I have a favorite Anime Series called Black Butler (Kuroshitsuji) and I really want to be able to have my favorite character in GarrysMod.

Since I have absolutely 0% knowledge in this field of work, I cannot make this happen on my own.
I don’t know anyone who is good at this stuff either.
So, I’ve decided to ask everyone here in hopes that someone will be able to complete this.
It’s model (in the link below) comes from MMD (MikuMikuDance)

                        ** ==LOOK IN REPLIES==**

No one will make models for you especially if its about some obscure anime nobody ever heard of. People expect you to pay for this.

What he means is most people in this thread (especially regarding playermodels) pull models from other games and rig them because we do not possess the knowledge (and/or the time) to make a decent playermodel from scratch. The few people who do possess said knowledge will probably want compensation given the time it may take assuming they’re willing to work with anime models.

Ideally, you’d be better off finding an MMD model if the anime you’re looking for is at least somewhat popular and has been around long enough.

Yeah, like other’s have said it’s not going to happen unless you offer monetary compensation for it. Making a model from scratch requires at the minimum a few months to build the mesh and an additional few to do the texturing and UV maps. And this is done most likely while also having to go to school or work, since most of the people capable of actually doing this are too busy working for big name studios like Kojima Productions or Infinity Ward and etc. On top of that, that may cost you well over $200-$500 depending on quality of work you want and how much the modeler think’s he/she should be compensated.

So yeah… asking here will unfortunately get you nowhere. You are better off asking for it on an actual art forum such as Blender Artists, and then having someone else port it into GMod for you.

Are you saying it’d be possible to put MMD models into Garrysmod?

Yes. So long as it has an existing format and does not go over the 128 bone limit it can be put into Source.

Would this work?

I use this same model with MMD

It should be completely fine as long as the download is available. The only thing now is finding someone willing to port the model unless you’re up for diving in yourself.

I have absolutely no idea how to do this stuff.

Nobody knows anything until they give it a try and quite a bit of people here were in the same situation you’re in now at some point. What I mean to say is: most people here tend to avoid anime requests, especially since anime models are often low quality and look pretty horrible in Source. It’s all possible but it requires a bit of work and tweaking. Anyway, you might still find someone here if you wait patiently but chances are you might end up needing to take the dive yourself at which point you could always customize and port your own models whenever you wish as a benefit.