Model Request (Can't run Blender, can't model, maybe someone else can for me?)

I’ve made this thread because I’ve exhausted all other options in modelling, I’d attempt on my own but the software isn’t compatible with my system, I’ve looked at millions of ways in how to rectify the issue but my system is not even compatible with the fixes.

so, I’m making a proposition that someone could maybe make a model for me, to utilize in animation, etc.

Would someone be up to the challenge?

It is Half-Life related, I’ll say that, I’ll explain more of course until I get the ‘OK’ when someone joins the project.

Okay, I’ve actually managed to get Blender working, had to update graphics drivers, so, could someone perhaps link me a 3d model of Alyx, and link me tutorials on how to actually make her look like the concept art?

or even just change her outfit? or even create a new base body to put the features of Alyx on?

wtheck. not working? what system you got that throws that error? mac or linux? or maybe you gotta install a graphics card and a graphics driver. how do you even animate without working 3d stuff? ehh… i don’t get that. and… you could post it already what you want to be made. might help for people to think if they can even do that. nobody should say yes to just half-life and get sh*t complications to work on. :wink:

Generally the less info you provide, the less of a chance you’ll have at actually finding someone willing to help. It’s hard for someone to judge whether they’re interested in your project or not when they don’t even know what it is. If this is just something small for gmod or SFM then it’s probably not exactly a big secret anyway.

Well, I use a AMD driver.

And sorry, that picture I pasted from someone else just to see if anyone could explain why that could be happening as I didn’t think different specs would make a difference, here’s what’s actually going on.

And as for the request, well…

Alyx in Half-Life 3, or at least what she’d look like, using her updated facial reference via concept art of Andrea Wicklund.

I’m not greedy, so I’d be happy to choose just one, but now that you actually know, is anyone willing?

okay. but… do you have a graphics card? maybe post dxdiag screenshots. and…

i thougt i saw someone did one of those models already. without graphics you can’t do anything anyway.

Of course I have a graphics card, I can play games. I use SFM to animate, so no troubles there.
Really? could you link it to me?