Model Request - Dunder Mifflin Sign

Could someone please make this sign into a model for me? I don’t think it looks to hard to make.

If you are able to and willing please contact me on steam sebsinclair_uk.

Many Thanks

Your lucky I was bored and had nothing to do. I joke I like to help those who are incapable of modelling.

Follow link for a moving image.
This looks fine in game it is just that moving images screw up the quality.

pictures in good quality.

The house was used to show size compared to player/world
It may not look like it but you can read everything clearly even the inc, on the end when you walk up to it in game. Just bad angles for screenshots.

I have not included a download because Meekal might want it private.

Wow, thanks man. Send it via PM.

I sent the pm just posting this in case you did not get it.