Model Request (Paying 10$, easy task)

Hi there! i’m looking for someone who can replace the hands of the pyro with the HL2 hands on the Pyro Axe model and export it to a completely new model. I’m willing to pay 10$ to whoever can complete the task. Please PM me for further details.

do you mean the higher detail hands in the first person when playing as him? cause i could do that real easy, and there’s no need to pay me either

Yes. i just need the pyro hands to be the HL2 hands. I beleive it’s called “rigging”, but im not sure. i’d be very appreciative if you could do that for me.

here’s the pyro with his higher detail first person hands grafted on. I had to make materials so that the ubercharge effect would apply on his hands as well. he has the same phys as the improved phys pyro. and for some reason his spawn icon doesn’t appear, but this might be because i flipped him to be z-axis up, while the main pyro is y-axis up. he has a bodygroupable head, grenades and airtank too, so you can still bonemerge all the items onto him. I did alter the skeleton a little to fit the new hands, so they might be a bit screwy if you play the pyro animations. He also has no LODs, so i wouldn’t reccomend using him in TF2 as a replacement model

I think he means replace the first person HL2 hands like on the crowbar and such with the Pyro’s hands.