Model Request - shirtless and vestless Heavy Weapons Guy

Repeating, i am requesting that a player model be made for a shirtless and vest-less heavy.

Reason: I had some great concepts for skins, but they don’t work well with his geometrically almost flat clothing.

Skins in mind:
Goron (been playing with a clothed version)
Vulcan Raven (working on clothed skin until this gets done)
Zangeif (might need a model for his hair for this one)

Any skilled takers?

I would so love to see this done

hmmmm. This would be tricky because I’m pretty sure that the heavy has bones on his vest and bullet thing. But it would be interesting to see.

So… is that just a picture, or an actual model someone made and uploaded somewhere?

You could try going to and finding out…since it’s in the picture…

I don’t know the first thing about how TF2 models work (skinwise, I mean. The shading…). Otherwise, I’d help you.

I looked it up, no that is just a humerus spray and wallpaper.

No-one will do this?