Model request thread V3

Evening gentlemen,

After putting off making another thread for quite some time, I’ve decided to get back on the wild ride and start up another request thread and restart making interesting things for the masses. Atleast for a little while.
That’s right, post an idea for a prop you would find useful or nice for Garrysmod or SFM, and I’ll probably end up making it, vacuum packing it, and selling it at the low low price of free.

Since this is modelling from scratch we’re talking here, and people are unlikely to request textured cubes, chances are only one or two will be stamped out per day.

Taking what I’ve learned from the last time I made one of these, here’s a nice pretty outline in image form:

And to make sure this thread doesn’t start off from absolute zero, here’s some reasonably old models I’d made a while ago and never got much use out of:

A Minigolf set:

And an Atari 2600 with controller. This one was originally made for SFM, but works fine in Garrysmod:

Stuff released so far:

Now that those should have sufficiently whet your appetite for the kind of things this thread is for, go ahead and suggest your own.
Update 03/07/2013**:
These models are now on the Garrysmod workshop!
Download 'em all at once here:


Alrighty, I’ll be back later to begin making stuff, should be enough time to let a couple more roll in.
Seems a great deal of people die/sleep/exist in real life on a sunday, so hopefully more people will be online tomorrow too.

If there’s nothing else, I’ll give the Nerf gun a stab first.

do you think you could do me a police badge?

Odd, someone requested the same thing the last time I made one of these threads.
Looking back at it now, it actually was you

What would you like it to look like?
You’re overdue for one I feel!/img/httpImage/image.jpg_gen/derivatives/landscape_635/article-bionic3-1107.jpg

I figured prosthetic/cybernetic/robotic arms or limbs such as these would be useful, all i usually see with models with cyborg limbs hacked on are all from full robots and it looks a little strange (granted these specific ones do look a little more on the robot side of the spectrum)

I know i’d certainly be fine with it.

Also i do know people who can rig and fingerpose this type of stuff so you wouldnt necessarily need to do that part, if that helps.

[sp]Also if you do actually do this you should totally make both arms or something[/sp]

If not, theres also Judge Dredd’s helmet, i know a few people who really want to make him but theres really no existing helmet model like his.

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Wait was i supposed to ask you on your steam?

Rigged please, this would help a lot. Ground up preferably, premade textures are fine, shouldn’t be too hard

something like this, i guess


Can someone rip Ray and Thomas McCall from Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood?

Could somebody get the Task Force 141 models from MW2?

(braces for “late” ratings)

it says right there in the OP that he won’t port or hack anything

Could you do some scuba gear related props?
Such as scuba tanks, regulators, fins, masks, goggles, weight belts, etc?
Here are the reference images:

Thanks in advance :smiley:

Could you do a canteen? (1200 x 1200 pic)

Thanks for your generosity

Here’s the police badge to start off:

WOW nice freeman!!!
It looks really nice :smiley:


Actually, now that i think about it, arent any models like this are there?

As a second model for today, I made the helmet from Judge Dredd:

You are amazing

E-Lite Set Helmet Safety Light.
What do you think about this? :slight_smile: