Model Request

I was wondering if anyone with good modeling skills could turn this APC concept into actual models for GMod for everyone to use. These are not my concepts. They belong to

Of course, no one has to do this, it’s just a suggestion.

I’m only posting this twice just because Daniel Smith told me to.

If the pictures dont work, go here.

Error 404 on these picture

Here is a better link.

He means this one

Reminds me of the Humber flying pig

So you just wanted the vehicle?

I could model the vehicle, would take me a number of hours though

Texturing,Animating etc are another thing so you might have to get someone else to do that otherwise
I could give it a go with the owner’s permission


Aparrently those were actually modelled at some point, my friend asked the guy about them a few years back and actually got ahold of at least some of those concepts in model format. They didn’t have any textures and were far from complete, but they’re better than starting from scratch. He finished up the riot shield recently and let me test it out.

I’ll ask and see if he’s got the APCs, i can’t remember how much of that stuff actually made off the drawing board and into a 3d program so he might not have much stuff.

Well I need stuff for my showreel so if there isn’t any APC’s Ill give it a go.

Ah, I see. NIce scene anyways.

if you manage to get it i can make it a drivable vehicle

So yay or nay?

You are the one who made that WAC Osprey, right?