Model Rigging Thread

Short version: Post your models and I will rig them for gmod.

Long version: Hello. Let’s face it, nobody really likes rigging models. It is a painful but necessary procedure that is required to get ragdolls into Gmod. So, what I am trying to offer is a solution to help out those people who either can’t rig at all, have difficulty rigging, or who simply don’t feel like going through the process. Basically, all you need to do is provide a model or models. Really, it doesn’t matter what it is or how many, I’ll try to get to them (although I can’t promise anything). You can send it by posting in this topic or through the PM system, I really don’t care. Just provide the model and textures and I’ll rig it and send it back to you. As an added bonus, if your base mesh is not in a T-pose, I will create the pose myself. Once when I’m done I’ll send them back to you and you can import them into gmod. I’ll use the FBX format by default, but if you want something else I’ll see what I can do.

Some things to keep in mind: I will NOT import your models into Gmod, Half Life or whatever else. You will have to do this yourself or find someone else to do that. Also, this is NOT a model ripping thread. I can’t rip models, so whatever models you want rigged will have to be provided by you. Either rip them yourself or give me models already ripped. If you are doing the latter, be sure you get permission and all that.

Hope you like the results!

Oh wow. There are some nice people among us. I’m currently working on a character model at the moment, so I might have something for you in the next couple of days. I really can’t be assed rigging.

You don’t happen to like unwrapping too, do you?

make megaman

Are you only doing human ragdolls? or could it be something else:

Sure, I could probably do something like that pretty easily.

Thanks for the compliment. I don’t really like unwrapping per se, but I’m pretty quick at it. I might be able to help you out :).


This is a week old, so doing the old bumpity bumpity again.

check ur pm box very soon i got something 4 u 2 do :stuck_out_tongue:

THANK YOU! You will receive credit if I manage to get it into ragdoll form.

Edit: I rechecked, and I just needed to flip the texture maps. .fbx is fine, here is the model.