Model rip request: Lennox (Bruce Campbell) from Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare

Since Ash vs. Evil Dead has premiered, and AW ripping is possible, can anyone rip Lennox’s model from the second Exo Zombies DLC? I’d really appreciate it, and I think others would as well!

A port to the Source Engine would be ideal, but I’m really just asking for a rip.
Thanks in advance!

Agree on this one. I think we also might apprechiate the exo zombies aswell! ^^

Thanksgiving bump?

Here you go, man!

Oh my god, thank you!

Nice upload dude! do you also by any chance have the exo zombies?

No problem! And yeah, but they’re strangely put together. There are separate models for each limb, and you have to piece them together based on their joints. It’s odd.

I could upload the models from Riot, as they’re properly put together already, but any of the DLC models are messed up.

thanks dude I really apprechiate it ^^ but if you can, could you also upload the dlc sperated limbs,heads,ect too? I want to take a look at those :slight_smile: thanks in advance!

Sorry if I’m overwhelming you, but can you get ahold of the bomes for the Lennox model too?

Oh shit yeah, I forgot that his rig is completely separate from the model. The bind file in there would usually work, but you need maya 2011 or 2012.

I’ll zip up an FBX with the bones bound to the model as soon as I get home. Might be a few hours.

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Definitely, sure. It’ll be a big upload, so I’ll have to work that into tomorrow.

I understand. Big thanks dude.

Sorry to jump into the thread with a request but could you send the files “as is” extracted by Lime for us who can import it into Maya 2011?

That’s what I uploaded last night. It’s the files, straight from Lime.

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Aaaand, here ya go. Enjoy!

@GeekComm are you also able to rip some helmet models from the multiplayer? Im really in need to get hands on the headhunter helmet model if it doesn’t mind you ^^ thanks.

Probably won’t be able to. Multiplayer in AW loads things strangely, sorry.

okay no probs dude.

Thanks dude!

Hey GeekComm If I may ask. I was wondering how the converting is going.

Err, I tried to upload them yesterday, but to no avail. I think I’m going to try it again tonight on a much more stable connection. My internet isn’t the best. :confused:
I’ll have it here as soon as it’s uploaded.

Same here lol so I understand ^^ but thanks man!