Model rips turning out flat

any rips i do of PS1, Dreamcast and very few specific PC games turn out completely paper flat, not the PS2 rip kind of flat where stretching the X,Y, or Z axis fixes it and makes it back to normal, they simply wont stretch, anyone know how to fix this at all?

What emulator and what ripper are you using?

3D Ripper DX or 3DVIA Printscreen, both same results on PS1, Dreamcast and very few PC games

Try NinjaRipper. It’ll probably break the UVs, but if the game is really old it’s worth a try.

when i use NinjaRipper it always rips them in .rip files and i have no idea how to open that

Did you read the tutorial? It comes with a script that you can use to import the .rip files into 3DS Max, which you can for free by signing up for a student licence.

The reason they are flat resides from the absence of z-buffering in the emulator.

You can fix this with PCX2 by using the ZeroGS video plugin set to DX10 though it’s still broken as hell. Dunno about dreamcast and PCX1

They might also have better luck using ePSXe for the PS1 emulator if PCSX1 doesn’t work.

neither PS1 emulator rip them 3D only completely flat, i dont need to know how to get PS2 models or use PCSX2, i mentioned PS1 and Dreamcast, also NinjaRipper doesnt change it, they’re still paper flat and unable to be stretched

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the game i have been trying to get models from Dreamcast is Toejam & Earl 3 (the beta rom that surfaced, since i figured it would be easier than the Xbox version) but apparently not, models of them don’t exist anywhere else.

problem i cant extracted future car from cart fury champioship racing ps2 with ninja ripper