Model Rotation Error

Hello all,

I’m trying to use a dog model I found on the workshop for a job on DarkRP. Everything looks fine except the model is rotated wrong. Basically the place where the player is looking it 90 degrees opposite from the model. I have enabled the physgun on the job for demonstration:

Is there anyway I can rotate the model without having to decompile the model using LUA or not? If I do have to decompile the model could you try to give me some pointers on how to decompile, rotate the model and recompile etc.


There is no way for you to get the model facing the right way with out adding GLua. And you can’t decompile the model using GLua, models are not GLua based. Also I hope you realize the dog will have no animations right?
Just get a Dog Player Model off of and save all the effort.

I know that models are not made using GLua, and I know the animation won’t work already. So there isn’t any code to get it rotated. I’ve decompiled it and got the source files but I can’t seem to recompile due to some errors…

I’m not sure what you are doing :V
You’ve decompiled the GMA, and got a bunch of .mdl files correct?
Best just using this imo:-

Works perfectly, and has animations.