Model shading weird?

Hi there.

I’m currently porting some models from Far Cry 3, but besides them needing some fixing with the weights, i am having trouble with the shaders.

While on the Cyborg the textures are fine, the rest of the models are having these annoying problems.

The VMT’s for them are all the same:

	"$basetexture" "the texture path"
	"$model" 1
	"$nocull" 1

What is wrong with them?

Bump. Anyone? Im gonna try to see if nocull is causing this.

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Solved it, nocull was causing these problems. I just flipped their faces in blender and that pretty much did it. Thanks for the help anyway ^^

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could be completely broken normals on the model

Looks like the normals are inverted?

I already solved it guys. I flipped the normals in blender and removed nocull.

You can remove the $model command too. The VertexLitGeneric material is specifically for models. You really only need $model if you use a universal material like UnlitGeneric.

Thanks for that tip, I learn something new everyday ^^