Model Spawns Very Tiny

Whenever I spawn my custom model in-game, it is very very small, almost unable to be seen. $Scale does not make a difference and it turns out normal in the model viewer.

Import a regular source model into your modelling programme and scale it in comparison to it.

No Snood is right thats the best way to check if its the right size.

Also have you checked that your scale command is above the $model or $body command (depending on which you used, as we don’t know as there is no QC posted).

It will probberly look ok in model viewer as i’d expect it scales it so you can see it (but I don’t know as i’ve never got the damn thing to work).

It does scale it so you can see it in the viewer.

I had this problem with my first ever train model port. The thing came out ubertiny. I fiddled with $scale and came up with one that was about G scale (as compared to an Alyx NPC lol), then managed to get it to the right size. I later redid the model with a much better cab interior and actually was able to scale it to match the other train models (the first one was considerably larger lol). So yeah. Make sure $scale is before $body and all that.

Got it fixed! Thank you Silver and Chaos Lord!

I’m still having trouble with my “boxy” look to my model though ><

np :slight_smile: I’ll keep a look out to see if anyone manages to fix that 3dmax exporter, but I don’t have high hopes :frowning:

Is there any other .obj to .smd “converter” I could use?

If its just props your doing you could try this: OBJ2SMD, but you can only have one texture on the model, or it will just take the first that is there and apply it to everything (which you don’t want :P)

I’m doing a ragdoll =\ so I don’t think that would work.

I can export my original model to the following formats:
Wavefront (.obj)
Lightwave (.lwo)
Milkshape 3D (.ms3d)
3d Studio Max (.3ds)

You could try feeding it through Blender, as the exporter for that is suppost to work pretty well (as its been fixed up alot here). So export from 3dmax as .3ds and I think Blender can import it, then use its exporter to export it as an SMD. That might just work ^^

Hmm, when I open it up with Blender, it looks the same as in the Source model viewer (Blocky)

and I’m having issues exporting with Blender >< doesn’t help I have no idea what i’m doing lol