Model texture path finder

I remember there was a program where you put a model in and it gave you its texture path. Does anyone know where to get it? my Harddrive crashed and I lost the program with it.

Or you could open the .mdl with a hex editor.

That wouldn’t really be necessary if they install the Source SDK.

@OP: Just install the Source SDK and use the model viewer that comes with it. There’s a tab that allows you to see what texture(s) are assigned to the model you are viewing, as well as the directory they are in.

I’m trying to find out where to put the textures

Again, the Source SDK’s model viewer can tell you. You could also just open the .VMT(s) and look at where the $basetexture line is pointing to - it’ll be pointing to the .VTF file associated with it, but the directory is also listed.

This is my problem

Well, you have two choices:

  1. Decompile the model and check the .qc.
  2. Open the .MDL file in a hex editor (such as Notepad++), and look through the info find the directory.

I have the directory, but it says it can’t find the darn VMT

Make sure the .VMT’s actually exist (which I’m sure they do) and make sure they are assigned to the model. You might need to recompile it.

you’re looking for this

Thanks Wraith