Model texture too shiny

I got a CSS reskin from FPSB and put it into my gmod folder, I open up the game, the texture is working ok, except for the lower reciever of the gun, it was all cubemap looking and shiny, to be particular, it was the AK47.

Is it the phong shader or something? I went sifting through the files and tried editing the VMTs, but i decided not to because i might screw something up.

I’m at school right now, so no pictures, if needed, i’ll get to it when i get home.

Open the vmt in notepad and post it here.

There’s 3 different textures and 3 different vmts if i remember correctly, but again, i’m at school. I think it might be the $phongboost or something like that. It was at 32 last I remember.

That phongboost is clearly too high. Also look out for env_cube map, just to be sure.

It could just a bad skin, download another skin for the AK47. If the new skin works you know its just a bad skin.

Washy, I know what i’m doing, it worked in CSS, and yeah @diwako $env_cubemap is in the VMT as well. Should I drop the $phongboost to like 8 or something?

test it, 8 is still high, it depends on the refreshnelangles.

Home from school now, I have VTFEdit on my PC, so i’ll post that here.

$phongboost was 1, not 32, i was thinking of $phongexponet

	"$baseTexture" "models\weapons\v_models\Thanez_AK\Receiver"
	"$bumpmap" 	"models\weapons\v_models\Thanez_AK\Receiver_Normal"
 	"$envmap" "env_cubemap"
	"$normalmapalphaenvmapmask" 1
	"$halflambert" 	"1"
 	"$phong" "1"
	"$phongexponent" "16"
	"$phongboost" "1"
	"$phongfresnelranges"	"[1 6 12]"
	"$phongalbedotint" "1"

Bamp cause I want to fix this.