Model textures inside out?

I’ve been trying to port a model in L4D2, but I’m having an odd issue where the textures are inside out. If you view the model from the front, it’s transparent and you can see the textures on the back inside the body, and vice versa. This affects the whole model.

I’ve ported two other models over but this is the first time I’ve had this issue.
I’m fairly new to this, so any help would be appreciated.

just invert your normals and it should be fixed

If you’re using $alphatest / $translucent incorrectly it will do that.

or if you want to be a lazy bum just go into the vmt and add the “$nocull 1” parameter.

Not sure if your model has parts with unique textures/materials each, but if it is just like this then it’s probably something to do with your model normals (might be inverted for some reason). I mean, yea, it might be a material problem instead, but usually normals get inverted in modelling packages for many reasons (it happened to me a lot when I was using 3ds max 2010 and I used to port models to source engine).

Sorry for the late reply guys, but the normals were inverted. Thanks for your help!