Model to shoot from where muzzle flash goes

Well, the title is kinda dumb, but it describes what I want to do. I’m currently having a normal prop launching swep, but I want to set the position of the prop(where it then gets the force applied from) to the end of the gun barrel, so the place where the muzzle flash comes out. Is there some function for it? Because, “self.Owner:GetShootPos()” is still centered.

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I don’t wanna sound like a little crying baby, but doesn’t anybody have anything helpful to this?

I was trying to do this with my grenade base, throwing the grenade from the hand location, and it’s not an easy task (mathematically, I think it’s suppose to be though, considering you only move x, y, and z values on a local scale).

Give me dumb ratings for not knowing how to do this, but I’ve tried with positioning poop from the anus as well. :v:

Well, what happens when somebody has a different resolution than you? :downs:

And now don’t come on with %'s, it’d be a pain in the arse to figure this out.

You could probably do it all right by offsetting (adding to / subtracting from) the shoot position by multiples of (the owner):EyeAngles():Right() and :Up(). It’d take some trial and error - about 20 and -10 would be a good place to start.

Well, so that doesn’t affects the resolution? Well, I guess the easiest way to find that out is by trial and error, thanks anyways.

The positions in the 3D world have nothing to do with your resolution. If it did there would need to be a seperate Source Engine for every screen resolution.

Thanks so much, got it working now by doing this:[lua]ent:SetPos(self.Owner:GetShootPos() + Vector(18, -12, 0))[/lua]

That will only work right when you’re facing in one specific direction. Read my post.