model to v_/w_model

Hey there!

I made a model I planned on using for sweps and such. But atm I can only use it as a prop in-game :confused:

My best guess is that I have to make a v_ and a w_ model, but how do I convert my “prop” into the other types of model.

If anyone could help me out it would be MUCH appreciated :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:


simply put, the user of a weapon will see the v_model, while other players will see the w_model.
w_models are commonly low-poly models with no animations, while v_models are fairly more detailed than w_models, and have f.e.: firing and reloading animations.

Some good info there, now I just need help to make my models into v and w_models, any guides or anything?

Try these links:

Don’t make V_models, make C_models. It will save you a LOT of effort down the line if you use a standardized rig, which you can get from the GMod wiki.

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Like Lucky9Two stated, it would probably be better for you to make C_models instead of view or world models. The only use view models or world models have at this point are for other Source games that don’t support C_models yet (such as Counter-Strike Source or Half-Life 2).

c_models are basically the same as v_models, they just lack arms directly in the model so that custom arms may be merged onto them. They’re still v_models, they’re just labelled as c_models to help differentiate them. World models on the other hand are completely the same. They’re not obsolete, they’re still used exactly as they were before as the thirdperson model other players see which function both as props and as the item merged with the player’s hand. These are unchanged.