Model Tweak Request (Sorry)

Hello People.

I know these pretty much never work for the most part, but given my situation its my only option, so, here goes.

Some time ago, I had a set of models custom made. At the time I thought the decisions I’d made for headgear were fantastic and that I was cool, but looking over it lately I’ve come to notice that they look silly. This is where the request comes in, I’d like to have the current head and face gears replaced with new ones. I don’t know how complex or simple this is so I don’t know if its unreasonable or not, but either way the details are as follows. I’ve included an image of the model with no head/facegear and full head/facegear.[/t]

-Remove all face/headgear bodygroups.
-Take head/facegears from provided links later into the post.
-Add them.
The headgear(s) I had in mind are in the following packs:
- (Helmets without Riot Visors)
- (Beanie)
- (Hunk Helmet only)

Thanks people, I’ve got high hopes.

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for fucks sake, the actual pack that needs tweaking.

Anyone? I really need this done.

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Actually, all GIGN helmets only would be good, thanks.

Anybody who helps Jimmys out will receive two games from their wishlist provided by me.


If you don’t like these models, that I made, then why aren’t you using the new ones I made for you?

I figured I explained this, but I’ll try again. My idea (for ESP Wars) is to first get these revamped, wait for other ones I’m waiting for to get finished (Jenkins), then do a large début post. I do like these, I just kind of went of the headgear options. To reiterate I highly appreciate all work thats been done, but I’d like to do a single, organised post to really set the bar for my faction. Sorry if I haven’t addressed any confusions.

I might be able to do this for you, but you may need to wait a few weeks. I’m currently working on the Lightning Returns models. Since I’ve started working full-time I don’t have as much time to dedicate to modeling as I would like to. D:

Working on it