Model Weighting Problem?

So im trying to import a .obj file of voldemort into 3ds Max 2012 but when it loads in it looks like this

Does anybody know why this is happening? I loaded it up using other 3d model viewing platforms and it works fine. In this state it’s impossible to rig the model and its making me very mad, help would be much appreciated :slight_smile:

Do you have both service packs for 3DS Max 2012? I recall I had a similar problem when I first got Max, the service packs cleared it up.

I only had service pack 2 so I downloaded the first one, now I have both of them but the problem still persists. There must be something wrong with 3ds Max because other programs work fine when importing the model, I only know how to rig in 3ds Max though :?

Does this issue occur with any OBJ file you try to import into 3DS Max?

No its only the ones with only 1 mesh, It works if there are more than 1 mesh piece imported

Your issue would either be that the OBJ importer you’re using is faulty, in which case you should look for an update for it, or that the meshes you’re trying to import have issues themselves that other programs like Blender aren’t being affected by it.

It’s bug of 201X 3ds max series (2010-2015)
You need erlier version of MAX. I mean 6-2009

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I have two versions of max (9 and 2013)