Model will display in modelviewer, but not Gmod
It displays here just fine. All animations working. But when I start gmod it just won’t show up at all. As if the .mdl format wasn’t recognized.
I triple checked for the right paths and deleted spawnlist.txt from my gmod/settings folder just to go sure. But it still isn’t there. This seems to happen now with every model I compile.
I’m very new to model porting/ripping/whatever and I sincerely apologize if I’ve done some kind obvious mistake.

Hmm that kinda strange :C
Maybe you forget to put your model in gmod ? :smiley:

I triple checked to see if my file is somewhere in garrysmod/models. And it’s still there.

That kinda strange :C

and yet maybe I still did obvious some stupid mistake who knows. Okay this is my model:
If anyone would have the time to put it in his gmod folder and check if it loads up on the spawnlist, that would be appreciated. And here is where my files are located:

knight02_sword_anims_02 ??? Why do you try to load animations file ?

Because I just called it that. It’s not an animations file, it’s a model file.

Then why I can’t even load this in my HLVM ?

Which kind of engine version did you use for the hlmv? I used “source engine mp”, although come to think of it, it doesn’t load up correctly (invisible) on my configuration for “source engine 2006” garry’s mod. Does it load up in your garry’s mod or not?? That’s the one important thing for me.

I can’t test without full set of model (aka models+materials)
*update, still don’t know what exactly is causing the models not to show up, but I tested the same knight mesh rigged to a hl2 skeleton instead of original dragon age ones and it did show up succesfully.