Model with a skin

So I have a list of “male” models like this:

	male = {

However, they look ugly and I want to change them.
The model I want to change them to uses skins instead of each separate models.
Thing is, I don’t know how to make the model skin different for each model. It has 0-14 skins.
The target model I want to change them to is this:


Can someone help me?

Decompile the model, and then use texturegroup:

What you want to do is call Entity:SetSkin( math.random(1,Entity:GetSkinCount() ) ) after setting the model. I can give you more info if you can give us the code where you set the model.

I’m using a clockwork schema where you have to select a model, does that help?

No, you will have to ask somebody who was worked with clockwork, or its creator. ( I heard its a paid gamemode )


clockwork is on github but most schemas are paid for AFAIK