Model with oversized bones

I’ve looked a few threads, but I dont know how to fix this. here is a similar case, but it didnt work for me.
Ok, I use 3dsmax and I’m importing models from games, I mainly use the ActorX import for .psk files but when I import them, the bones look so oversized its impossible to rename or work with them.

I tried scaling the root bone, but that scales the whole model, also loading an envelope .env file or using skin wrap modifier. I think I could resize every single of them, but… thats not very accurate and I want to port a lot of models.
Its there any solution? I tried to export the original model to a .smd file but it also gives these big bones.

Any help is appreciated!

Set the bones to link display - The size of them doesn’t really matter terribly much.

Thanks wraithcat, I didn’t know that feature and its very useful, also thanks for your quick answer!

It looks like your model is extremely tiny which is probably why the bones look that large. If you’re bringing that in to GMod or SFM, you’ll probably need to scale it up anyway, depending on your goal.

Bad thing was that scaling the model, also scales the bones with him. Now at least I dont have to care about their size.

Ah, that’s pretty useful, I actually never knew that, and I’ve been using 3DS Max for a while! Thanks for the tip!