[ModelDoc] How to use a collision model for the physics of every joint at once?

TL,DR: Do I have to separate an already existing collision model into different files for each joint and then import them individually?

I’m testing out ModelDoc for the first time and since I kept the source files of the last addon I made I decided to use them to learn, I can make it into a ragdoll but when adding “ragdoll parts” all of the joints are automatically generated into capsules and spheres.

I can just delete them later since I already have the old physics model that I can use but I can’t figure out how to use a single “Physics” for every joint, it only gives me the option to parent it to a single joint, is there a way to do it like Source 1 did or do I have to separate the collision model into different files and import them separately?

Although I admit, using capsules and pills seems like a better way for most of an organic body, but some parts, like wings, hands or feet will need a custom shape.

Also in general since there’s no modelling / asset creation subsection.


You can try to split all parts of the physics model and then add them one by one using PhysicsHullFile.

Anyways I think we’re all going to use the Create Ragdoll Parts. Makes it quickly. And looks like it’s “recommended”.

Yeah honestly I don’t see myself using custom made physics hull often now that we’re offered such a convenient way to make them, this was just because I already had the old collision model ready.

Although it’s kinda weird that they didn’t include any “backwards compatibility” node or something like that, they must’ve really hated how it worked in source 1.