Modeled and Animated Avatar

I will pay whoever does this to my avatar. That means modeled, AND animated to do this dance. I wouldn’t mind a ragdoll and a playermodel version as well. I want to make a music video out of it!

Thread music:

Bigger version:

FYI: It’s just an animated GIF of Vegeta dancing. All I did was slap on a Lua icon and a crown. :buddy:

This is just something funny I wanna put in a music video. Anyways, who wants to do this for me? Post in here or PM me if you want to discuss payment.

I really wanna do this, but I don’t have the skill to do it.
(unless I did it with primitives and gave it solid colors, then it would look awful, but still done)

This would be a great idea and funny to boot.
Sucks I don’t have the skill, but someones bound to pop along.

Theres a Vegeta model in this pack if thats any help ^^

That one has armor. This one doesn’t.

If someone just wants to model the lua head with the crown on, I could make something cool with that. I could script a lua-king head thing where a “lua-king” user group gets that as their head in game.

How do you have a gif avatar?

Admins, gold members, and I believe respected users get one. Common users do not.

It’s nice that not everyone is allowed a gif avatar because when I am reading, my eyes are not distracted by all the jumping and moving shit on-screen.

The solution, as you’ve discovered, is using an animated PNG. This only works for users of Firefox though.

Don’t you think making a sprite of the Lua and Crown attached to the head would look cooler? Plus you wouldn’t have to pay up _

That might work. Making a custom model, then doing a headhack of the Vegeta model might another option. The hardest part would be making a dance animation for it.

I was starting on it but I couldn’t figure out how I would do the crown.

You might have to improvise for the crown, if greasemonkey’s feeling liberal about it.